Safe space for women online

What is Femayl

Femayl is a safe space for women online. Providing asocial environment, where women can be sure that who they are communicating with is in fact who they are. It is the only Social community exclusively for women that verifies its members on registration.

Women Only

Our members enjoy the benefits of other social platforms, without having to worry about being stalked, harassed or plain exposed to con men. No more fake profiles, cat fishing, phishing or hacked identities. Your space is your own and you decide who can see it and who cant. The space includes groups as well as open and closed conversation threads. You can add friends, remove friends and find friends, just like on other platforms

No advertiser stalking

But Femayl is is different, and this is how. Sure there is advertising – but while you’re on our site, our adverts are not going to follow you around. You will only see gardening ads on the gardening page and threads. You will only see toy adverts on the pages relating to children and while yore on our site we will not remarket anything to you.

Women at work and in business

We offer commercial opportunities to you as well. If you want to set up your own groups and section as well as threads for your business you can register as a premium member. This does come with a small cost but providing support costs money and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy the benefit of knowing that we don’t have a support response that is impersonal and automated. We also have emergency support provision.

Your first 300 x 250 advert placement is free FOR LIFE and you can place it in the sidebar of any page that you created or manage. You can find out more about how to promote your business and provide support for your female customers exclusively, using Femayl on the Premium Profiles information page.

Services for Women

Registered domestic violence charities, charities that provide free counselling, healthcare and legal services for women enjoy a free advertising and awareness package for the lifetime of their membership. The registration fee is also waived. Application has to me made separately and you can do that through our contact information.

What does it cost

Is your life worth £1?

Verification is completed through a 3rd Party identity verification service, YOTI. This service is contacted in 168 countries. Our cost to verify you and male sure your data is not retained is £1 per member. It is a payment that is cost neutral. We don’t make any money from it. This payment means that every member profile on the site has been verified. You can be sure that the person that has applied isn’t male.

What if I don’t have the right ID? – We also perform a manual verification process and you will need to open a support ticket to do this. This process is only available to those that do not have a government issued photo ID and have a good reason for this.

Your data and safety

If you want to know more about how we keep you safe, then please visit our safeguarding page

We do not keep your data – you do. We only verify data by drawing it down from the app and then once verified it is discarded, We don’t keep it, sell it or share it. Our members are people not commodities. We have partnered with to deliver your verification safely and to ensure your verification data is not kept by anyone but you.

Data that you place on your profile is controlled by you, but held on our servers. We do not share it or use it to sell to anyone else except in the case of crime prevention and where the laws of England and Wales compel us to do so. Nobody gets access to your data not even the police without a warrant.

Safe space for women online

Femayl provides a safe space for women. Female only safe spaces are becoming harder and harder to find. Moreso online. We cant be sure who we’re speaking to most of the time, but with Femayl you can be sure who youre communicating with is in fact who they say they are. Result!