Who we are for

Femayl is a free to read news site targeted at women. Although most of the news is obtained through syndicated feeds, some of the news is written by associated journalists or articles are written specifically for the target audience.

Our core target audience is women. Femayl is a feminist online portal. Anyone can access the published news, regardless of sex or gender identity

Social Networking

However, Femayl has a membership-only social infrastructure. This membership is open only to women born women. Our members can build their own profile pages, invisible private groups or public social groups that non group members can see. Members can friend and connect with other members, send private messages and share media as well.

Profiles can be made private or searchable.

Women can also choose to have a Professional or Business Profile. These cost a small fee.

The site does not have the resources that the likes of Facebook and Twitter do, but we aim to bring to you transparency that they do not.

How we are funded

To keep the women who use our site safe we use an identity verification process. We do not hold or handle the data. We use one of two third-party providers who also do not hold your data except for the time period it takes to verify your identity.

What value do you place on your safety? We charge a £1 to cover the cost of verifying your identity and providing support while you are a social member.

Advertising pays for the upkeep of the site. Most adverts on the News pages are affiliated, However, Businesses can advertise on Page Appropriate Forums. This means adverts for children’s clothing will not appear on gardening forums or weight loss products on the pages where travel is discussed.

We ask that you support our advertisers to keep the site mostly free for general users


To keep women safe online we have to be sure they are who they say they are. To do this we process identity checks. We do not check your credit or criminal record. You will need to use a camera on your phone or computer to verify your biometric facial details as held in your passport or drivers license details.

If there is any suspicion that a woman’s account has been hacked or taken over please create an urgent support ticket. Men are usually prevented from signing up automatically because their id shows their sex. If you suspect that a man has managed to get through our checks please let us know immediately.

No men can access or work on this site.

Who owns Us

Femayl is owned by a holding company that has shares in the business and a number of controlling shareholders – all women born women.

Our Website is hosted by a company in Arizona USA on servers located where our content is legal.

We have contact addresses in different parts of the world and by contacting our support team we will be able to supply contact details for the address closest to you.