Christianity and Churches

Environmental changes in churches

The initial Church Censuses asked about the environment in which a church was located.While this is obviously linked to its geographical location, the question allowed for a slightly greater discrimin...[Read More]

Government action on youth violence is ‘lacking’

THE GOVERNMENT’S response to serious youth violence has been ‘lacking in recent years’. That was the conclusion of the Bishop of Edmonton, the Rt Rev Rob Wickham, who was responding to the Home Affair...[Read More]

Allegations deserve to be taken seriously

The fall-out from the trial of Carl Beech will continue to have repercussions for the justice system. The wrong-headed attitudes of police and prosecutors to automatically ‘believe’ the complainant mu...[Read More]

This week’s edition

We lead this week with planned changes to the marriage laws. These are coming in after changes that will allow same-sex couples to enter into civil partnerships and for the inclusion of mothers’ names...[Read More]

Oxford University chaplain: Christians should go vegan

AS A London University banned all beef products this week in the battle against global warming, a theologian has urged Christians to adopt a plant-based diet. The move by Goldsmiths, University of Lon...[Read More]

This week’s edition

Sports ministry is coming to the fore of the Church’s mission as it was announced this week that it is to be the focus of the latest round of funding among a range of social projects. Alongside this, ...[Read More]

By royal appointment: theologian takes up new roles

Published on 3 July, 2019 An eminent theologian and former parish minister who has dedicated his career to higher education in Scotland has been appointed by the Queen as the next Dean of the Chapel R...[Read More]

Three books on abuse and safeguarding in the Church

THE book To Heal and Not to Hurt is robustly written by Bishop Alan Wilson and his chaplain Canon Rosie Harper. It begins with 15 anonymised stories “drawn from real experience”, warning that they “ma...[Read More]

Will men have beards in heaven?

AN INTERESTING point arises in Christian theology when considering the topic of beards. Will men have beards in heaven?Since the very earliest times, orthodox Christian belief has been that there will...[Read More]

All the world’s on stage

“IT’S Thursday party night!” Douglas Rintoul announces to a packed hall of whoops and cheers. It is week five of rehearsals for As You Like It, a community theatre production run by the National Theat...[Read More]

Malcolm Guite: Poet’s Corner

THERE is something magical about the act of writing itself: a summoning power inherent in the very letters of the alphabet and in the mysterious way that the words they spell can summon up images — im...[Read More]

Hannah Barr: How I found the true side of formation

“IT IS all formation.” These three words have become my mantra over the past year. A long, complicated lecture on the liturgical calendar? It’s all formation. Another “discussion” about some contentio...[Read More]