God the Creator: Poet

IN THE beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through him, and without him not one thing came into being....[Read More]

Back to the future

dpa picture alliance archive/Alamy Archive photo of Professor Joseph Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI Archive photo of Professor Joseph Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict XVI THIS year marks the 50th an...[Read More]

The cry for self-government: 100 years of the Enabling Act

JUST before Christmas 1919, George V signed the Enabling Act into law. This conferred on a National Assembly of the Church of England the power to adopt “Measures” through a Legislative Committee, whi...[Read More]

Being Jewish Today: Confronting the real issues Tony Bayfield

IN 2003, after a long fight with cancer, Linda Bayfield, mother of three, respected head teacher, and for 40 years soulmate of Rabbi Tony Bayfield, died. In the weeks and months that followed, her wid...[Read More]

Broken Bodies: The eucharist, Mary and the body in trauma theology Karen O’Donnell

THE image of “the womb as a grave site and the experience of death within the Trinity” is what triggered Karen O’Donnell’s exploration of trauma and theology.The first three chapters sketch out some o...[Read More]

Angela Tilby: the grace of Jonathan Miller’s sister

JONATHAN MILLER, who died last week, has rightly been acclaimed as one of the most creative, intelligent, and versatile public figures of his generation. Doctor, comedian, satirist, television produce...[Read More]

Interview: Jo Howie, co-founder of Sacred Bean

Sacred Bean Coffee is a social enterprise. We mentor and train ex-offenders and those recovering from substance misuse in the art of roasting, brewing, and selling ethically sourced artisan coffee. We...[Read More]

Malcolm Guite: Poet’s Corner

ABOUT this time of year, amid all the stresses of the season, I find myself indulging in a recurring fantasy: I imagine the approach of December, and Advent itself, as a time of rich quietude, untramm...[Read More]

‘Not all heroes wear capes… sometimes, they wear hijabs.’

‘Not all heroes wear capes…sometimes, they wear hijabs.’ – These are the words used by the FOX News Broadcasting company in the USA to describe  the recent heroic actions of a 17 year old Ahmadi Musli...[Read More]

Franklin Graham tour ‘poses risk to social cohesion’

PA Franklin Graham speaks to a crowd at a stadium in Hickory, North Carolina, in October, an event that attracted over 8000 attendees, as part of his Decision American Tour Franklin Graham speaks to a...[Read More]

Set up a Nativity scene, urges Pope

THE Pope has urged people to create nativity scenes in workplaces, homes, schools, prisons, and town squares as a “simple yet authentic means of portraying the beauty of our faith”. He dedicated his l...[Read More]

Pope blames spread of online pornography for ‘loss of human dignity’

THE increase in online pornography is to blame for the “general loss of human dignity” in the modern world, which is driving child exploitation and human trafficking, the Pope has told world leaders i...[Read More]