How Shawn Johnson Is Staying Positive Through Pregnancy Complications

When you’re pregnant, staying positive while dealing with stress can be a challenge. But Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson has proven time and time again she’s a pro at staying positive when dealt with a ...[Read More]

Boy Meets World Star Danielle Fishel Gets Real About Her Mom-Guilt

Most moms are no stranger to mom-guilt. Try as we might, the nagging thoughts of not being good enough for our child somehow always seem to be right below the surface when something gets hard. Boy Mee...[Read More]

Ridiculously Easy Ways to Age Well

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What I Learned as a Nondriver at Racing School

I slammed my foot on the gas pedal of the very, very nice car as I jerked the steering wheel to the left, trying to trace a figure eight on a slick road that gleamed underneath the California sunshine...[Read More]

Most Women Still Think Miscarriage Was Their Fault, Survey Finds

Miscarriages are, sadly, common, affecting anywhere between 10 and 25 percent of pregnant women. Most miscarriages happen in the first trimester for reasons beyond your control, and in most cases, the...[Read More]

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

breast cancerAll About Triple Negative Breast CancerTriple negative breast cancer, which is a hormone-receptor-negative cancer, tends to be more aggressive and more difficult to treat than other types...[Read More]

Tatcha Friends and Family Sale 2019

We’ve made it clear that we’re big fans of Tatcha (the J-beauty brand has been a SELF Healthy Beauty Awards winner more than once), so it’s no surprise that we’re flocking to the brand’s Friends and F...[Read More]

I’m a Trans Lawyer Who Fought for Trans Rights—and Lives—at the Supreme Court Last Week

When I walked into the Supreme Court last week to defend the rights—and lives—of transgender people, I felt the power of the many people who have fought before us and the magnitude of the day became c...[Read More]

Ashley Graham Shares Empowering Posts of Her Changing Pregnant Body

Ashley Graham loves her expanding pregnancy body, and she’s not afraid who knows it! It’s not always easy for moms-to-be to embrace stretch marks, new curves and other transformations that pregnancy c...[Read More]

Target Unveils Adaptive Halloween Costumes for Kids With Disabilities

Finding the perfect Halloween costume that your toddler will actually enjoy wearing can be challenging enough—but for children with disabilities, who have sensory and logistical needs to contend with,...[Read More]

Vulvodynia: Pain Down There

Share on: Many women come to me complaining of pain around their labia, vagina and genital region, a very challenging condition known as vulvodynia. The highest incidence is seen in women ages 18 to 2...[Read More]

Meet the Baby Skincare Brand That’s Totally Changing the Game

The Bump presents #MomBoss, a series dedicated to showing off all-star moms. We catch up with mompreneurs behind products we love, influencers who get real about motherhood and SAHMs who can multitask...[Read More]