How to Know If You’re Sweating Too Much

Embarrassingly clammy handshakes, feet that slip-slide off even the tackiest of yoga mats, cute shoes ruined, smeared makeup, damped-down hair, and armpits that soak shirts like a leaky faucet. Someti...[Read More]

“I Don’t Want to Get Big & Bulky!”

“I don’t want to get big and bulky.” That’s what the prospective client told me. She wanted to get stronger, lose body fat, and feel more confident, but she was afraid of getting “too big.” According ...[Read More]

Zantac Recall: How Worried Do You Need to Be?

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Where to Score the Best Cyber Monday Baby Deals This Year

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This Family Recreated Diagon Alley for Halloween and It’s Magical

Many Harry Potter fans are still hoping for their letter from Hogwarts. But for the last three years on Halloween, one couple has been bringing the magic of the wizarding world to their own front lawn...[Read More]

What You Need to Know to Enroll for Health Insurance for Next Year

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8 Adult Acne Causes and 6 Adult Acne Treatments

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Amazon Teams Up With Nonprofit to Make Adaptive Halloween Costumes

Halloween is officially here, and kids all across the country will go trick-or-treating dressed up as their favorite characters today. But for children with disabilities, who have sensory and logistic...[Read More]

Sooner Is Usually Better for Gallbladder Surgery

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Intuitive Eating Is Transformative and Also Not As Intuitive As It Sounds

The worst relationship I’ve had in my entire 30 years on this planet has been the one I have with food. It started young, as it does for many women who, like me, have had a body deemed unacceptably la...[Read More]

8 Ways We Can Actually Reduce Black Maternal Mortality

Maybe you heard about Shalon Irving from Atlanta, who collapsed and died from complications of high blood pressure in the weeks after giving birth to her first daughter, Soleil. She was 36.Maybe you h...[Read More]

The Internet Is Outraged Over a New Version of the Alphabet Song

The internet often comes with remixes and do-overs of classic songs, but apparently there are some things that just shouldn’t be messed with—including the Alphabet Song, which people hold near and dea...[Read More]