Weight Management

5 Tools to Help You Ditch Diet Culture for Good

Diet culture is all around us. It influences how we speak and exercise, what we eat and wear, and even how we feel about and talk to ourselves. We are living and breathing diet culture every day, yet ...[Read More]

Celebrity chef who has cooked for Oprah lost 30 kilos in one year WITHOUT exercising

Being told she would have to appear on Studio 10's morning show to promote her first cookbook was all the encouragement Bridget Davis needed to lose excess weight.The well known chef and mother-of-thr...[Read More]

Personal trainer, 30, gives up transformation photos and stops counting calories

A personal trainer who rose to fame by sharing transformation photos of her body on Instagram has decided to 'cancel' those types of photos and take up intuitive eating to start the 'anti-diet' moveme...[Read More]

Mother loses 10 stone in weight after daughter mocked for having a ‘fat mummy’ 

A former teacher has revealed how being 22 stone held her back in her career because she was too self-conscious to put herself forward for promotions. Sarah Jones, 40, of Warrington, Cheshire, weighed...[Read More]

The Luxury Gym Getting You Fit In 15-Minute Workouts

While most things that sound too good to be true generally are, The Clock is a rare exception that actually delivers. A high intensity workout programme that only takes 15 minutes (yes, 15 minutes! Yo...[Read More]

The NEW food rules every woman should follow, by Britain’s Super Nutritionists

Forget five-a-day and eating your greens — mastering the complex art of nutrition is the new buzzword in wellbeing.The right diet now promises to deliver everything from better skin and more energy, t...[Read More]

Obese woman who was immobile for 10 years loses 431lbs and finds love after weightloss surgery

A morbidly obese woman who weighed a staggering 678lb has lost almost two thirds of her bodyweight - and found love after joining a dating agency and getting a wig.Janine Mueller, from Seattle, Washin...[Read More]

From salami to cheese: Five surprising foods causing your belly fat – and what to eat instead 

The obvious culprits for excess stomach fat are fried food and sugary items like biscuits and cakes.But how would you feel if you found out that it's not only these items that are causing your spare t...[Read More]

Nutritionist says you should be focusing on the quality NOT quantity of what you eat

Throw the scales away! Nutritionist and obesity expert reveals why a low calorie diet and a 'normal' BMI are NOT indicators of good healthRhiannon Lambert, a Harley Street based nutritionist, told Fem...[Read More]