What’s Current: Toronto Public Library commits to upholding free speech regarding Meghan Murphy event

— Toronto Public Library (@torontolibrary) October 12, 2019 In response to ongoing efforts to pressure the Toronto Public Library (TPL) to cancel an event discussing gender identity legislation and wo...[Read More]

What’s Current: UK police investigate stickers posted across Oxford defining ‘woman’

“Thames Valley Police is appealing for witnesses following a number of public offences in Oxford.Officers are investigating a large number of offensive stickers that have been placed across Oxford cit...[Read More]

Scientists reveal the hidden dangers in scented candles

Rebecca Knight October 16, 2019 7:10 am When the temperature starts to drop and the nights get longer, sometimes there’s nothing you’d rather do than curl up in a blanket with a scented candle. Howeve...[Read More]

Team older feminist: am I allowed nuanced feelings about #MeToo?

I remember a woman who screamed like a feral animal. She was leather tan and sinewy. Spiked bleached blonde hair, sculpted biceps, low-slung cargo pants with Doc Martens, veins bursting from her neck,...[Read More]

This map shows London’s most eco-friendly boroughs

Yes, you should be using that refillable coffee cup and cutting back on your Uber dependency. But sorting the climate crisis is going to take more than just us plebs recycling properly: we need action...[Read More]

‘Fight Club’ is 20 today – but does it still pack a heavyweight punch?

Worldwide icon-chevron-right Europe icon-chevron-right United Kingdom icon-chevron-right England icon-chevron-right London icon-chevron-right ‘Fight Club’ is 20 today – but does it still pack a heavyw...[Read More]

Six things to know about LEAFF

It’s not a gardening festival LEAFF stands for London East Asian Film Festival. It’s 11 days of movies from China, Japan, South Korea and all across the eastern bits of Asia (don’t come for Hindi cine...[Read More]

Sir Elton John supports Prince Harry’s attack on the British press

Sir Elton John is supporting Prince Harry, 35, and Meghan Markle,38, following their unprecedented attack on the British press. Earlier this month, Harry launched an extraordinary attack on the Britis...[Read More]

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle hold and kiss Archie in ITV documentary

The Duke of Sussex is seen cradling baby Archie as wife Meghan Markle gently kisses their son's head, in a behind-the-scenes moment revealed in a new trailer for an ITV documentary about the royal tou...[Read More]

Young model, six, has been described as ‘the cutest girl in the world’ by her fans

Russian child model, six, has been branded 'the most beautiful girl in the world' by her legion of fans - after posing for fashion brands and glossy magazinesAlinaYakupova, six, from Moscow has been m...[Read More]

Anorexia survivor, 22, shares her diary of daily battle during treatment at an eating disorder unit

Severely ill with anorexia, Mima Hepburn, 22, has struggled to beat the disease for five years. Four months ago, things were so bad – with her life at constant risk – that she was admitted to the Vinc...[Read More]

Fergie says she and Prince Andrew ‘believe in the integrity of goodness’

Sarah Ferguson reveals that she and Prince Andrew ‘really believe in the integrity of goodness’ as she heaps praise on her ‘extraordinary’ familySarah Ferguson, 59, opened up about family life within ...[Read More]