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James Lowe’s fallow deer loin with red cabbage and quince

Andrew Montgomery Fallow deer is ideal for the home cook. Out of fallow, roe and red deer, roe deer has the mildest flavour and is the smallest, so requires more precise cooking. Red deer is the large...[Read More]

Mallard with spelt and black cabbage

Andrew Montgomery IngredientsFor the spelt 160g spelt 160g Greek-style thick yoghurt 1tsp sumac 1tbsp duck fat 100ml chicken stock For the mallard and cabbage 2 oven-ready mallards 2tbsp duck fat 3 he...[Read More]

Tara Craig’s punchy scheme for an artistic couple’s London home

Natalie Dinham When Victoria Stainow returned to her London flat in 2013, after six years in Provence, she felt the place looked a little tired. ‘It needed refreshing,’ she says. She herself had been ...[Read More]

From cast-iron dishes to sparkly tableware, Aldi’s Christmas hosting range is a triumph

Tamara Kelly December 7, 2019 7:46 am Aldi’s ‘Host Christmas Dinner’ range has everything needed to do the job in style. From start to finish, from cooking to serving – this range has it covered. And ...[Read More]

Five things you should be doing to look after your garden in winter

Rebecca Knight December 7, 2019 7:02 am The temperatures may be plummeting and frosty mornings setting in, but that is no reason to neglect your garden in winter. Related: Your garden can add £45,000 ...[Read More]

Christmassy braised beef shanks with spices and red wine

Braised beef shanks are succulent and tender. Although the preparation isn’t labour-intensive, it does take time—about five hours—to tenderise and infuse the marbled meat with vibrant spices and full-...[Read More]

Maple-glazed partridge and parsnips

Ilove a smashed root vegetable purée. They hold well and remove the need for perfect timing. My secret for almost every root vegetable is butter. If you chop the vegetables into small, even-sized piec...[Read More]

Pheasant with onion and pumpkin stew

Andrew Montgomery Pheasant has something of a bad reputation because it can be so dry when overdone. But the meat is delicious when it is cooked well – in this recipe I suggest cooking the legs separa...[Read More]

Why are restaurants so focused on bread these days?

In his seminal work, Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain dedicates a whole chapter to the ‘psychotic bread baker’, ‘Adam Real-Last-Name-Unknown’, a man he employed while he was working as executive...[Read More]

Spinach and gorgonzola quiche

December is a good month. We sing along to Christmas carols, eat too many cookies and enjoy far too much mulled wine. We dare to skip our duties to share a few more precious moments with the ones we l...[Read More]

Lemon crème brûlée

Lemon adds just the right amount of sourness to the silky-smooth filling of this crème brûlée tart. The fact that it sits inside crunchy, buttery pastry makes this dessert even more tempting, while th...[Read More]

Restaurant of the week: Doug McAllister brings his zero-waste concept Silo to London

Doug McAllister first achieved recognition in 2014 when he opened his zero waste restaurant concept Silo in Brighton, where he served food on plates made from unrecyclable plastic bags. It was such a ...[Read More]