How to Plan the Perfect Buddymoon

Honeymoon trends come and go, but one we think is here to stay is the buddymoon. Rather than heading off on a romantic trip for two, increasing numbers of couples are opting to take their best friends...[Read More]

What I Learned Marrying Someone from a Different Culture

As part of La Fête‘s Confetti takeover, founder Charlotte Ricard-Quesada reveals what she learned marrying someone from a different culture. “You’re always told that marriage, as much as it’s a beauti...[Read More]

How to have a Stylish Woodland Wedding

Outdoor wedding ceremonies in woodland areas are undeniably gorgeous, but they tend to have a reputation for being rustic, shabby chic affairs. There’s no reason for this to be the case, though. Woodl...[Read More]

How to Include Pets at Your Wedding: A Definitive Guide

If you’re an animal lover, there’s a strong chance you’ll want your pets involved in your wedding – they’re by your side every day, so it makes sense you’ll want them there on the biggest day of your ...[Read More]

Weddings in Cyprus – Planning Your Perfect Day

If you’re hoping to get married in Cyprus, The Grecian Park Hotel needs to be on your radar. Not only does the five star hotel boast incredible restaurants and beautiful rooms, it also offers the expe...[Read More]

Chic Winter Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Best Friends

There’s something ever so special about winter weddings, but finding the perfect winter bridesmaid dresses isn’t such a magical experience. Picture bridesmaid dresses and a myriad of pretty pastel dre...[Read More]

Why I Designed My Own Wedding Dress – and What You Need to Know

After feeling dissatisfied by the wedding dresses she tried on,  Charlotte Ricard-Quesada, founder of luxury event planners La Fête, took matters into her own hands, designing the three dresses she wo...[Read More]

I Got Married Twice in One Year – Here’s What I Learned

Last year saw La Fête‘s founder Charlotte Ricard-Quesada get married twice, holding two drastically different weddings. As part of La Fête’s Confetti takeover, Charlotte reveals what it was like to pl...[Read More]

Thailand Honeymoon Guide: When to go and Where to Stay

Many of us think of Thailand as a place for gap year teenagers to find themselves, backpack in tow- but if you ask us, Thailand is a perfect honeymoon destination; and people seem to agree, as it’s an...[Read More]

What Does a Wedding Planner Actually Do? An Expert’s Point of View

In honour of Confetti’s 20th birthday, we’re working with the crème de la crème of wedding industry experts on guest editorships; over the next few months we’ll be handing over the reins of our websit...[Read More]

The Best Nude Nail Polish for Brides

In recent years we’ve seen wedding nail art take centre stage, with brides opting for quirky nail designs and unusual polish colours for their big day, but if you ask us, you can’t go wrong with a cla...[Read More]

Review: A Relaxing Mini Moon Stay at The Cornwall Hotel, Spa and Estate, St. Austell

If you’re looking for a UK mini moon to help you relax after all the excitement of your wedding, we’d like to point you in the direction of The Cornwall Hotel in St. Austell. There’s nothing quite as ...[Read More]

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