My lightbulb moment: Tech entrepreneur Colleen Wong, reveals the inspiration behind her gadgets firm

My lightbulb moment: Tech entrepreneur Colleen Wong, reveals the inspiration behind her gadgets firmColleen Wong, 43, from London, debuted Techsixtyfour in 2016Mother-of-two was inspired after seeing ...[Read More]

At Code Club, 40% of students are girls – but we could still do more

In the future world of work, many jobs will be automated. With that in mind, it makes sense for humans to focus on work that can only be done by us, requiring emotions and skills not replicable by mac...[Read More]

Atlas Music Publishing CEO: Solutions to Streaming Rate Debate ‘Staring Right at Us’ (Guest Op-Ed)

Courtesy of Atlas Music Publishing Richard Stumpf For too many years whether as an NMPA Board member, Recording Academy Trustee, or CEO of Atlas, I've been part of digital rate discussions that simply...[Read More]

What New Technology Means For The Future Of Film

Netflix has promised more interactive shows following the success of Black Mirror: BandersnatchNetflix Film has always been shaped by technology, from the advent of sound in the 1920s to Technicolor i...[Read More]

Prime Air: Amazon’s new delivery drone will start shipping soon [videos]

In this image released by Amazon, the company unveils its newest drone design for its "Prime Air" fleet at the Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics and Space conference "re: Mars" in Las Vegas on Ju...[Read More]

The Business Cloud for Small Business by @SaabyConsulting

 “…Data security tops the list of cloud concern…”Every Information Technology discipline has a lifecycle process. Before you choose a Cloud solution, there is a lifecycle process to follow that will m...[Read More]

‘Femtech’ startups on the rise as investors scent profits in women’s health

What if a woman’s monthly menstrual cycle could be turned into a diagnostic tool that warned of potential medical problems or even fatal diseases? That’s what one young company is trying to prove. One...[Read More]

Can “Drone Delivery” Technology Make Your Skincare More Effective?

Getty Images We’re all familiar with the frustration of a new wonder cream or serum just not delivering the results we’d like. We might blame it on paltry potency or so-called “filler” ingredients, bu...[Read More]