Meet Bandit, the USO’s First Therapy Dog

Bandit, a European Blue Great Dane puppy, was scheduled to be euthanized. He had a softball-size lump growing from his neck, and the group that had taken in him and his siblings didn’t have the funds ...[Read More]

Dog Pooping Blood? Here’s What to Do Next

Yikes! When you see something red in your dog’s poop, the first thing you think of is your dog pooping blood. But don’t panic. First, determine if the red you’re seeing is truly blood and read on for ...[Read More]

3 Dog Dementia Treatment Approaches to Try

Like people, senior dogs can experience a slowing of their cognitive processes as they age, which affects many aspects of their lives. As well as slowing down physically, older dogs can experience beh...[Read More]

Is Your Dog Peeing a Lot? Should You Worry?

My dog, Baby, is a healthy and happy Bluetick Coonhound mix. Our daily walks in the forest are constantly interrupted by various calls of nature. Baby is a scenthound, so she has an instinctive need t...[Read More]

Give Back to Dogs in Need While Online Shopping

There are many ways that we can give back to animal rescue and animal shelters, but one super simple way is with a click of your mouse when you are online shopping. 1. AmazonSmile Amazon. Photography ...[Read More]

Can Dogs Eat Corn? The Answer Isn’t As Simple As You Might Think

Now that summer is starting up, you may have thought, “Can dogs eat corn?” According to veterinary nutritionists, it’s perfectly fine for dogs to eat corn in moderation. In fact, because corn is one o...[Read More]

Perfectly Pumpkin Paw-psicles

Summer heat might have you pausing at the mention of pumpkin, but pumpkin is a healthy and delicious treat for your pup all year long. Packed with vitamins A and C, pumpkin is a low-fat snack that can...[Read More]

Welcome Hall Mission Homeless Shelter Says Yes to Pets

According to the nonprofit organization Pets for the Homeless, 5 to 10 percent of people experiencing homelessness in the United States share their lives with pets and, in some areas, the rate of pet ...[Read More]

Morris Animal Foundation Awards New Grants

The Morris Animal Foundation, a nonprofit organization that funds scientific animal health studies, awarded close to $1 million in grants for nine dog and cat research projects at six different univer...[Read More]

Skin Tags on Dogs (Plus Lipomas and Other Lumps) — What to Know

What do we mean when we talk about skin tags on dogs? We’re certainly not talking about (nor would we ever advocate) putting a tattoo on your dog, or any other kind of physical graffiti. No, skin tags...[Read More]

What to Do About a Collapsed Trachea in Dogs

Recently my inbox has been inundated with questions from dog owners from around the world. That, in and of itself, is not unusual. However, lately I have noticed a marked uptick in questions about wha...[Read More]

Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables for Dogs: Big Benefits for Osteoarthritis

In my practice as a canine nutritionist, I receive a lot of questions about the best supplements for dogs with osteoarthritis (OA). In the hopes of relieving their dog’s discomfort and restoring mobil...[Read More]

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