The Most Scenic Hikes Around the World

Hiking is one of the best ways to not only get some serious exercise but it’s also one of the best ways to see the world and all its many natural wonders. But there are soooo many hikes and so many go...[Read More]

Tips for Shooting Stunning Travel Flat Lays

We see so many pretty images all the time—from Instagram to Pinterest to curated fashion brands—that it’s almost become second nature to us. We know when we like an image…but if we were to go and recr...[Read More]

The Best Travel Deals from the LTK Day Sale

Who doesn’t love a good sale? Whether it’s for airline tickets, travel goodies, or shoes…I’m all about ballin’ on a budget! Well, is launching their first ever SALE DAY today (June 23), ...[Read More]

The most stylish motels on California’s Highway 1

I was in a good mood when I arrived at the Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa. It is hard not to be, on a road trip in California. But it’s fair to say it only got better. The jaunty rows of Adirondack cha...[Read More]

Sedona Hiking Trails That Allow Pets

Just a couple hours north of Phoenix and its classic desert landscape sits Sedona, a small city tucked into a stunning backdrop of red rocks and thick green foliage. Cool Whip, Hercules, and I recentl...[Read More]

10 Places to Visit in Indonesia (That Aren’t Bali)

I’ll be the first to admit that Bali is an incredible destination. The “Island of the Gods” is home to swoon-worthy rice paddy fields, hikes that reach the summit of active volcanoes and beautiful Hin...[Read More]

Wonderings: Notre Dame will rise from the ashes even greater than before

Wonderings: rambles through and reflections on travel... this month, James Kay says that Notre Dame will emerge from the recent fire as an even greater monument © Joe Davis / Lonely Planet Many years ...[Read More]

Pathfinder pics: exploring Panama – one of our top countries to visit in 2019

Sunset in the breathtaking El Valle ©Timothy Cohen Lonely Planet Pathfinder, Timothy Cohen, is recently back from a whirlwind trip around Panama – one of our top countries to visit in 2019. From deser...[Read More]

Wonderings: have you felt a disturbance in the Force?

Wonderings: rambles through and reflections on travel... this month, James Kay travels to the parallel universe of the theme park © Joe Davis / Lonely Planet It’s a special week for the 177,000-odd pe...[Read More]

Pathfinders: best blogs, Instagram shots and videos from March 2019

Where will our Pathfinders take you this month? © Alexander Ippolitov / Shutterstock From New York’s stunning street art scene to Siberia’s wild winter wonderlands, our Pathfinders have been jet-setti...[Read More]

Pathfinder spotlight: Maria and Katerina, It’s all trip to me

Maria and Katerina exploring their home city of Athens © It's all trip to me While the life of a full-time traveller may seem like an idyllic existence, it’s not for everyone. Ties to home – from fami...[Read More]

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Quiz

How well do you know our home planet? © Dima Zel / Shutterstock Do you know the name of the world’s third-highest mountain? Or in what year the euro was introduced as legal tender? Pit your wits again...[Read More]

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