Why Every Online Business Owner and Blogger Needs a VPN

Whether you’re a blogger with various online accounts or you run an online business, having a VPN is essential. Why? The short answer is if you log in to accounts online—any social media site, banking...[Read More]

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting the Pyramids of Giza

Egypt is one of the most fascinating places in the world. With a profoundly rich history, this is a bucket-list destination for so many.I finally got the chance to visit for a “sample platter” tour of...[Read More]

The Best Destinations to Visit in January

When looking for the best places to head to in January, it really depends on what you want: are you looking to embrace wintry weather or escape the cold at tropical destinations? You’ll find tons of p...[Read More]

Tips for Visiting the Prosecco Vending Machine in Italy

Is there anything more magical than sipping a glass of prosecco while taking in the idyllic views of Italy? Food and drink are at the heart of la dolce vita and everything in Italy centers around the ...[Read More]

The Best Party Cities Around the World

In the mood to let loose? If you are looking for a place with serious party vibes, there are wild destinations all over the globe where you can have an unforgettable night out.After all, there’s no be...[Read More]

The Best Time to Travel to Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the few Asian countries that boasts a fairly constant climate year-round, making it a year-round destination. However, it does have two distinct seasons: wet and dry. Both of which ...[Read More]

Ethical Animal Encounters Around the World (and How to Find Them)

From going on safaris in Africa to spearfishing lionfish in Belize, some of my best memories are of seeing majestic wildlife in their natural habitat. There is no better way to unwind than to be total...[Read More]

Tips for Traveling with Life-Threatening Allergies

For most people, allergies are a slight inconvenience—when they bring on seasonal sniffles, induce an itch, or cause you to break out in a minor rash. For others though, allergies can be life-threaten...[Read More]

The Ultimate Guide to Coffee Culture Around the World

Happy International Coffee Day, fellow caffeine junkies! In celebration of the big day, I’ve decided to round up a collection of the best coffee destinations around the world.There are so many differe...[Read More]

Tips for Traveling with ‘Aunt Flo’

As you probably already know, one of my goals with The Blonde Abroad is to talk about the not-so-nice side of travel. This isn’t just about showing the glam side of globetrotting. I’m here to show it ...[Read More]

Highlights From the TBA Escapes Morocco Adventure Tour

In case you’re not familiar with TBA Escapes, let me be the first to introduce you! Since 2012, when I started The Blonde Abroad, I’ve received so many inquiries about itineraries and requests to plan...[Read More]

10 Things You Must Do in Dublin

The thriving center of the Emerald Isle, no trip to Europe is complete with a visit to Ireland’s capital city. A city rich in history, culture, and storytelling, Dublin has something for everyone.I’ll...[Read More]

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