The Beginner’s Guide to Photographing in Manual Mode

Ready to take your photography to the next level? The best way to step up your game is to learn how to shoot in Manual Mode. I know it may sound extremely daunting when you hear technical terms thrown...[Read More]

The Best Time to Travel to the Netherlands

Like other coastal countries in Europe, the Netherlands experiences all four seasons, with warm sunny summers and chilly winters marked with rainfall. Because of these seasons changing, choosing the b...[Read More]

10 Things You Must Do in New Orleans

When I am traveling abroad, people ask me for tips on the best places to visit in America. They always ask about New York, California, and Florida, which are incredible destinations BUT there is so mu...[Read More]

A Weekend Guide to Backcountry Hiking in Yosemite

Call me biased but I think California is one of the most incredible destinations on the planet. My home state is brimming with incredible vistas—where the cliffs meet the Pacific Ocean, of towering fo...[Read More]

How to Plan an Epic Trip with Only 2 Weeks Vacation Time

For better or worse, the average job in the United States is going to give you about two weeks of vacation per year. Compared to the Europeans who relish in their six-week to three-month sojourns ever...[Read More]

What To Do If You Get Sick While Traveling

The only thing worse than getting sick at home is getting sick when you are traveling. What do you do when you’re away and feeling terrible? How does a visit to the GP work? What is available over-the...[Read More]

The Best Time to Travel to Hungary

Hungary, a country molded by Western Europe and Russia, is one that is beautiful year-round. Situated in the temperate climate zone, Hungary experiences all four seasons, from warm summers to drier co...[Read More]

The Most Incredible Bathtubs From Around the World

One of the best things about traveling—aside from learning about other cultures and experiencing new places—is staying at incredible locations that you wouldn’t normally come across. Especially if tha...[Read More]

10 Local Foods to Try in Greece

Mediterranean food has taken the world by storm and for a good reason. With dishes brimming with fresh ingredients such as veggies, olive oil, lemon juice, fish, meats, and grains, Greek food is heart...[Read More]

Fall Hiking Outfit Inspiration from Backcountry

Hello, fall! Is the weather starting to shift wherever you are in the world? I’m opting to get outdoors as much as possible—exploring the desert, going for a hike, maybe even a road trip to see some o...[Read More]

The Best Time to Travel to Sri Lanka

Nestled on the southern tip of India sits the tropical island Sri Lanka. Sitting as the 25th largest island in the world, the small island packs quite the punch. Although it is relatively small, it ex...[Read More]

10 Local Foods to Try in Hungary

Does anything come to mind when you think of Hungarian food? Goulash, perhaps? Heading to Hungary soon and not sure where to sure start? Well, you’re going to want to come hungry to Hungary. 😉With dis...[Read More]

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