Hammond rejects UN poverty report as ‘nonsense’

A UNITED NATIONS report that argued that the British Government’s approach to social security was condemning the poorest to lives that were “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” has been rejecte...[Read More]

What was said at the judicial review into the state pension age

The second day of the judicial review into the rise in state pension age was a chance to hear the government’s defence – why it didn’t think the decision to raise the state pension age was unfair on w...[Read More]

Women born in 1950s take fight against rising pension age to court

Women born in the 1950s whose retirement age was increased from 60 to 65 have gone to court seeking a judicial review of how the government raised the retirement age and to try to force the government...[Read More]

How the rise in state pension age affects women – Mariana’s story

I’m often asked by people (especially men working in the finance industry or politics) how the rise in state pension age affects women. I think some of them think women are making a bit of a fuss over...[Read More]