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How to plan for success

When it comes to creating success it’s the action we take that determines the success we create. So the question we have to ask ourselves is, “what am I doing every day to create the success I want?” ...[Read More]

Running a Business & Having a Baby Part 3 | Work Routine

Running a Business & Having a Baby Part 3 | Work Routine I’ve received so many messages from people asking me to share my work routine… how I’ve been juggling having a baby and building a business...[Read More]

Running a business and having a baby part 2

Can I really build a successful business AND have a baby? Will I have enough time? How will I focus on doing a good job at both? These were some of the questions that went through my mind before havin...[Read More]

VLOG: When you feel like you’re failing

Sometimes I feel like I’m totally failing… if you’re an entrepreneur you might know how this feels! BUT just because we feel like we’re failing, doesn’t mean that we’re actually going to fail. Hope yo...[Read More]

Running a business and having a baby Part 1

Last year I had a baby… in the run up to it I questioned how on earth I’d be able to actually continue to build my business AND look after a baby! I’m a bit of a workaholic and I was well aware that w...[Read More]

No one has their sh*t together really!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the picture of perfection splashed across social media is intimidating… there have been so many times when I’ve seen something and it’s made me question myself, b...[Read More]

Mother Who Said Being a Mom Isn’t the Most Important Job Starts a Hot Debate

The widely popular Humans of New York account ventured far out of its metropolis to hit the streets of Rome. While there, it snapped a photo of a mom and her young son posing in a park, and chatted wi...[Read More]

How to be an influencer: Six social media stars reveal the work that goes into a perfect feed

Gaining a large social media following can seem like an easy way to make a quick buck, but what does life as an influencer really involve? Ahead of the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards, FEMAIL spoke to ...[Read More]