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How To Avoid The 5 Most Common Holiday Pet Travel Mistakes


How To Avoid The 5 Most Common Holiday Pet Travel Mistakes

It’s a wonderful time of the year … when far-flung friends and families gather to reconnect, celebrate traditions, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s also the busiest travel season. The next two months will see more pets traveling with their families than any other point in the year. And, if you’re not careful, a simple mistake can lead to disaster! Whether you’re an experienced pet traveler, or striking out on your very first pet friendly adventure, these tips will help you avoid the most common holiday pet travel mistakes.

How to Avoid the Top 5 Pet Travel Mistakes | GoPetFriendly.comU.S. Airline Pet Policies

Pet policies for rental cars also vary greatly, so get all the details up front, and document your conversation (including who you spoke to) in case there are any questions later.

Next, think carefully about where you’ll stay during your holiday break. Camping on someone’s sofa might be an option, but is your host excited that your dog or cat will be staying, too? Reserving pet friendly lodgings gives you a comfortable, quiet space of your own to relax – a respite from the chaos. It could be the best gift you give yourself (and your pet) this holiday season.

How to Avoid the Top 5 Pet Travel Mistakes | GoPetFriendly.comproperly secured in a carrier, crate, or seat belt harness while you’re driving. Start acclimating your pet to his carrier or harness well before your trip to guarantee the ride goes smoothly.

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4. Avoid Spoilage

With all the eating, drinking, and merry-making, pets are often fed things they shouldn’t have during the holidays. Chocolate, raisins, macadamia nuts, alcohol and other foods are dangerous for your dog, and could have you spending your holidays at the emergency veterinarian! It’s safest to avoid any gastrointestinal issues by sticking to your pet’s normal food and treats.

Even when you’re careful, pups sometimes manage to get into things they shouldn’t. In that case, having your pet’s veterinary records with you could be critical to help in the treatment of an illness or injury. Rather than lugging around a large file, make a paper copy of the current vaccination records, and scan the rest for storage on an easy-to-pack USB drive.

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White terrier at the wheel of a red truck parked at a pet friendly movie theaterpet’s ID tags have a phone number where you can be reached while you’re traveling. It’s also a good idea to have your pet microchipped before your trip, and carry a current photo in the event you need to make posters.

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll avoid the most common holiday pet travel mistakes. We hope your trips come off without a hitch!


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