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Iggy Pop Thinks Lil Pump’s ‘Gucci Gang’ Is ‘Great’


Jeff Kravitz/

Iggy Pop and Post Pop Depression performs during Cal Jam 18 at the San Manuel Amphitheater on Oct. 6,2018 in San Bernardino, Calif. 

Turns out, Iggy Pop is a Lil Pump fan.

In a recent interview with NME, the rock icon brought up the rapper’s 2017 viral hit. “I was so interested in the construction of a song a while ago called ‘Gucci Gang,” he explained.

“He took, what, a minute to write it? He went straight to the hook and did the hook have a melody? Nooooo. Did it have a phrase? It had no pre-chorus. It’s just ‘Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang’, and I thought, ‘This is great!’”

Just last Friday (Sept. 6), Iggy dropped his 18th album, Free. It follows 2016’s Post Pop Depression, which hit the top 20 on the Billboard 200. 

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