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Kate Ferdinand reveals that Rebecca Ellison's best-friend helped her become a step-mother


Kate Wright has revealed she faced opposition from family members of Rio Ferdinand and his late wife at the start of their relationship, but found an unlikely ally in Rebecca’s best friend. 

The former TOWIE star, 28, and her husband discussed her struggle to become step-mother to Lorenz, 11, Tate, nine, and Tia, six, and their upcoming documentary with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on today’s This Morning. 

Rio and Kate: Becoming a Step Family is set to air tonight on BBC One at 9pm and follows the couple as Kate settles into her new role as a step-mother to the three children Rio shared with his late wife Rebecca Ellison, who died in 2015 or breast cancer, aged 34. 

Kate, who explained she felt guilty about taking Rio’s late wife Rebecca’s place, revealed that Rebecca’s best-friend Lisa has been her ‘rock,’ helping her getting through the tough transition into family life. 

Rio and Kate Ferdinand spoke about their upcoming BBC One documentary Rio and Kate: Becoming a Step Family on today’s This Moning 

Kate explained she struggled to fit into her new role as a step-mother to Lorenz, 11, Tate, nine, and Tia, six, whom Rio shared with his late wife Rebecca Ellison

While some viewers praised Kate for her courage, other said many step-parents have ti tough 

She told the hosts: ‘Lisa was Rebecca’s best friend, I don’t think I’d be here without her. It makes me emotional.’

She also explained that she found every aspect of becoming a step-mother a struggle, from cooking to making sure the children were prepared for school.  

‘Everything. I couldn’t cook, a house that wasn’t my own… I think I found everything hard,’ she said.  

‘I used to get myself into such a state,’ she went on, explaining she felt guilty about not having all the answers when it came to the children. 

Kate explained she struggle with every aspect of becoming a new step-mother, from cooking to visiting the GP 

‘Even things like the doctors, they’d ask “Have the children have chicken pox?” and I would say, “I don’t know”.

‘I found myself not having answers to a lot of things. It was difficult,’ she added.  

‘It was a hard couple of years, getting to know the children and Rio… moving in with a whole family that’s already formed, it’s difficult,’ she added.   

The family went through some rough times, especially when Rio’s mother Janice passed from cancer aged 58 in 2017. 

But both Kate and Rio feel like a ‘weight’ has been lifted off their shoulders, through chatting to other step families by visiting relevant organisations. 

Rio, 41, revealed his father was wary of Kate when the pair started dating, leading them to have a frank conversation

‘We went to Child Bereavement UK on how the children might be feeling, it helped us to communicate with our children,’ she explained.  

‘We always felt really alone in our situation to chat to people in a similar situation, a weight lifted off our shoulders.   

Rio mentioned that his dad was wary of Kate when they first started dating and the two man have to have a ‘frank conversation.’

‘He said, “My care and concern was the grandchildren.” He was stand-offish,’ Rio admitted. 

Even though the family have had to process their grief for five years, they are on the road to better days, the couple said, adding ‘We’re at a good place now,’ and hinting that new Ferdinand baby might be in the cards.    

Viewers applauded Kate for opening about her struggles, but others pointed out many other step-parents went through tough times as well.  

‘How lovely is Kate. Doesn’t get enough credit,’ one wrote.  

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