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Movie buff claims there are only 10 'types' of posters used to promote Hollywood films


How Hollywood relies on just TEN types of movie posters: Film buff reveals the categories from the ‘leaning couple’ of rom-coms to ‘black and orange’ for action

  • Lee Steffen, from Nashville, claimed there were only 10 types of movie posters
  • He started a Twitter thread which has since received more than 9,000 views
  • Among categories were orange and blue action, blurry cop and leaning couple

By Bhvishya Patel For Mailonline

Published: | Updated:

An avid film viewer has claimed that the Hollywood film industry routinely uses just 10 ‘types’ of movie posters to promote its masterpieces.

Lee Steffen, from Nashville, Tennessee, took to Twitter to share how his findings had led him to his conclusion – admitting there is a bonus category if you include posters featuring Tom Cruise’s profile. 

The online thread, which has now gathered more than 9,000 views, has seen an array of film buffs praising Lee’s efforts, with one claiming it was the ‘best movie thread ever’.

According to Lee, the posters can be categorized into orange and blue action, sexy legs, blurry cop, leaning couple, black back, red dress, black and orange, moody misty, eye, and yellow. 

Twitter user Lee Steffen, from Nashville, Tennessee, said there were only ten types of film posters. Among the ten was the ‘orange and blue action’ poster used for films such as Flightplan and The Taking Of Pelham 123

Making it onto the list was the ‘sexy legs’ category which was used for films such as  Goldmember and Doghouse

For each post in his thread, Lee collated a series of move posters to demonstrate his theory. 

He observed how many action films, such as Flightplan and The Taking Of Pelham 123, featured an orange and blue design. 

Meanwhile romcoms like Pretty Woman, Bride Wars and Two Weeks Notice featured ‘leaning couples’ – usually the stars of the show.

There’s also the classic ‘blurry cop’ image which appears on posters for films like Taken, Paycheck and The Firm.  

Next on the list was the ‘blurry cop’ poster which has been used for films such as The Firm and Awake

When it came to romantic comedies, Lee noticed the ‘leaning couple’ pose continued to make an appearance. Pretty Woman, Two Weeks Notice and Bride Wars all featured in the collage

Meanwhile the ‘black back’ poster was used for movies such as Harry Potter, Watchmen and G.I. Joe

Other categories included ‘sexy legs’, ‘woman in a red dress’ and ‘black and orange’ for action movies. 

Social media viewers flocked to praise Lee’s impressive poster gathering efforts.

Many shared their own additional categories, including ‘faces at the top, action at the bottom’ – a popular design for Eighties films – ‘big writing on top of big faces’ and ‘festive couples in red ‘n’ green’.

Elsewhere Lee spotted that the ‘red dress’ poster was often used to promote a range of films including Amélie and There’s Something About Mary

Also making it onto the list was the ‘black and orange’ poster which has been used to promote films such as The Expendables and Ghost Rider

The social media user found that the ‘moody misty’ poster was used to promote well known films such as City of Angels

Lee also discovered that the human eye was featured in a number of movie posters from horror to action

Lee spotted that yellow was that featured in a wide range of movie posters, from The Shining to Motherhood

Lee added an 11th ‘bonus category’ for film posers featuring Tom Cruise’s profile, such as both Mission Impossible films, Eyes Wide Shut, Minority Report and Collateral

Many social media users shared their own additional categories, including ‘faces at the top, action at the bottom’ – a popular design for Eighties films – ‘big writing on top of big faces’ and ‘festive couples in red ‘n’ green’

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