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New Treasury laws to delay death of cash


Treasury officials consider new laws to delay the ‘death of cash’ in welcome move for communities dependent on banknotes

By A Daily Mail Reporter

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Treasury officials are considering new laws which could delay the ‘death of cash’ in a welcome move for communities which still depend on banknotes.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is under increasing pressure to announce measures to maintain access to cash in next month’s Budget after the UK lost 17 per cent of its free-to-use ATMs over the last two years.

Treasury officials are considering new laws which could delay the ‘death of cash’ 

Officials are reportedly considering measures similar to those in Sweden, where the government has forced banks with a certain amount in deposits to offer cash withdrawal services or risk a fine. 

Although cash is being used less, there are concerns that cutting off access is leaving behind the elderly, rural communities and poorer individuals.


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