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“Ramaphosa survives on tax avoidance” – EFF make extraordinary claims

A line in the sand has been drawn between the EFF and Cyril Ramaphosa after the third-biggest political party in South Africa accused the president of dodging tax payments. In a bellicose statement issued on Tuesday evening, the Red Berets lambasted the head of state for alleged money laundering through his CR17 leadership campaign.

Over the weekend, some of the names backing Ramaphosa financially to win the presidency of the ANC were made public. They included South Africa’s richest man, Nicky Oppenheimer, and the man who owns eNCA, Johnny Copelyn. This only served to add fuel to a fire the EFF had already doused petrol on.

EFF vs Cyril Ramaphosa

They have berated Ramaphosa for the company keeps, and ominously, predicted that “many more scandals involving money would follow him”. However, the stand-out accusation came with regards to Cyril’s tax affairs. The EFF have gone on record to claim that their political nemesis took part in profit-shifting during his time at Lonmin:

“Ramaphosa is a greedy billionaire whose survival is based on tax avoidance, profit shifting and tax-based erosion that he took part in while serving as a board member at Lonmin. It is impossible to become so rich without compromising the ethics required to hold political office.”

“Many more scandals – particularly those that include money – will follow him and always serve as a dIstraction to his claims of transparency. He is digging his own grave and each day, it becomes deeper. Soon, it will become deeper like all the hell graves greedy capitalists have to be buried in.”

EFF statement

EFF label Cyril Ramaphosa a “tax avoider”

The EFF are known for their colourful language, which has landed them in legal trouble more often than not. Calling Cyril Ramaphosa a tax-dodger and then inferring he is heading towards a “hell grave” may land them in more hot water down the line. The fiery statement came with a little more sauce than that, though:

  • Ex-ABSA CEO and PIC board member Maria Ramos is accused of donating to CR17 a year after campaigning finished.
  • The party suggest Ramaphosa is “controlled by white monopoly capitalists”, who have helped him put the ANC up for sale.
  • They claim the president didn’t declare campaign donations to Parliament, due to several “conflicts of interest”.

Ways to make amends

The Red Berets did suggest there was a way to appease their vitriol: They have asked the president to reveal the names of all campaign donors to his ANC leadership bid, where he narrowly defeated Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma in 2017 at the Nasrec Conference. They’ve also asked him to declare any potential conflicts of interest he may be hiding.

Cyril Ramaphosa and the EFF seemed to enjoy a jovial relationship in the first year of his presidency. But that goodwill has evaporated, following the Bosasa scandal and the ongoing saga with the Public Protector.

Read the EFF’s full statement here:

EFF Statement On Ramaphosa Donors.

— Economic Freedom Fighters (@EFFSouthAfrica) August 13, 2019 Protection Status

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