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The stars of London Fashion Week's street style scene talk us through their looks


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London Fashion Week has kicked off today, attracting the most creative and cutting-edge designers of the fashion flock. 

Among those are the street style set who, every season, light up the streets of the capital with their trend-setting ensembles.

Yes, there are the stalwarts we are waiting with baited breath to see; Riccardo Tisci’s highly-anticipated fourth collection for Burberry on Monday and Victoria Beckham’s pared-back minimalism and Tommy Hilfiger’s extravaganza on Sunday to name just a few.

But to keep it real, we took to the streets of London to chat to the street style superstars showcasing their sartorial prowess on Day 1 of Fashion Week.

Watch the video above for some of the highlights with our Fashion and Beauty Editor, Chloe Street.

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