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Why Co-Working is Vital to My Business and my Well-Being by @katelynstanis


by Katelyn Stanis

When I left my corporate 9-6 gig to turn my side-hustle as a wedding vow and toast writer into a full-time business, I felt a surge of excitement and serotonin. But after just three days working alone in my home office, the extrovert in me was pleading to get out—literally. I had to get out of the house.

I forced myself to schedule at least two outings per week. From coffee dates to networking events, I would attend anything that gave me a reason to put on pants and mascara.

Despite my best efforts, I was starting to feel depressed. Many days, the only time I left my apartment was to walk my dog and I felt elated when the doorman wanted to talk for five-minutes.

My lackluster attitude began to slowly eat away at my entrepreneurial spirit and I didn’t feel inspired or motivated. After 10 weeks, I had officially lost my ability to make working from home work for me. It was time to consider a co-working space for my vow writing service.

Being in located in New York City, co-working spaces are about as common and trendy as matcha tea spots. I toured three spaces and chose a women-focused space—The Luminary.

Joining this workspace has been the biggest game changer for me. If you’re considering a space, here are the immediate benefits that I’ve experienced:

  • I have a real routine again. For me, routine equals productivity.
  • I have made new friends. Belonging to a co-working space with a focus on community means forming connections with amazing women who not only help on the social front but are valuable business mentors too.
  • There are a ton of monthly professional development events that happen each month. Investing in myself means investing in my business.
  • I’m inspired! It’s important to surround myself with things that give me fuel. For me, that’s being around people and in a place that reignites that fiery entrepreneurial energy.

Being a solopreneur can feel isolating and uninspiring at times but it does not have to. Consider your options. Explore spaces. And choose a place where when you walk in, you feel ready to rock your business and your life.


Katelyn Stanis is the owner and creator of Wedding Words, a wedding vow and speech writing service. She helps tongue-tied couples from across the world tie the knot through her one-on-one custom vow writing service and speech writing service.

With a BA in Journalism, Katelyn has always adored asking people the right questions to unearth their own vibrant story. Today, she uses that same passion to discover the details of a couple’s love story and collaborates to put their heart into words.

Katelyn has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Brides, The Everygirl, Bridal Musings, and Wedding Chicks.

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