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Woman shares hilarious tweet months after breakup asking for tattoo cover-ups


Woman who got a tattoo of her new girlfriend because she ‘knew’ she was the one immediately is left red-faced when she has to ask for a cover-up five months later

  • Ellie Scanlan, went viral after asking how she could cover her tattoo of her ex
  • Broken-hearted woman from Dundee had decided to get the tattoo months ago 
  • Shared her couple tattoo in September 2019 saying ‘when you know you know’ 
  • Retweeted the same message asking if people knew good ways to cover up 

By Claire Toureille For Mailonline

Published: | Updated:

Getting a tattoo to show your love for someone is always a risky affair, and a heartbroken woman has learned this the hard way. 

Ellie Scanlan, from Dundee, Scotland, went viral with a hilarious tweet asking about ways to cover her tattoo after breaking up with her girlfriend. 

She’s shared her inking to the site back in September saying despite judging people who get tattoos of their partners after being ‘together for 3 minutes,’ she had done it because ‘when you know you f****** know.’

Ellie, now single, retweeted her own post five months later, asking about tattoo cover-up, writing, ‘apparently, I didn’t f***** know.’

Amused commenters quickly offered some funny ways she could cover the art, including the skillful use of clown emojis. 

Ellie Scanlan, of Dundee, went viral after retweeting a five-months old tweet where she stated she had gotten a tattoo of her and her girlfriend because she knew she was the one. In her retweet, she was asking for tattoo cover-up ideas

On the left, the picture that inspired Ellie’s tattoo shows her carrying her ex girlfriend on her back. On the right, the resulting tattoo

The tattoo in question was a semi-realistic coloured portrait inspired by a photo of Ellie carrying her ex-girlfriend on her back. 

The couple seemed to have been together for about six months before their break-up. 

After the tweet went viral, hitting more than 99,500 retweets and 8,800 likes, some noted that thankfully, the tattoo was faceless. 

‘No faces, no names, no problems,’ one said. 

A model of the tattoo’s design. Some people noted Ellie should not have gotten the tattoo, even if she was sure of the relationship

Some suggested Ellie covered the blank faces with clown emojis and even edited her picture to show her

Some generously offered to put Ellie in contact with tattoo artists that specialise in covering up couple’s tattoos, other just had a laugh and suggested she could cover the faces with clowns emojis. 

One even jokingly told her to have the face of actor Danny DeVito tattooed on the ink to erase the memory of the girlfriend. 

Some had more drastic solutions to offer to the table, saying she should get rid of her leg and amputate. 

Some people just said getting a couple’s tattoo or matching was a bad idea, no what how convinced you were you had found the one. 

‘Even after 4 years we’re still wondering if a matching tattoo is a good idea,’ one wrote.

‘Exactly. It’s so hard for me to feel bad, I would NEVER get a tattoo like this, life changes too much,’ another agreed.   

Many people offered their creative cover-up solutions, including adding the face of actor Danny Devito 

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